How to enable upload fields in 'featured product' sections

To support featured product sections, a slightly different embed code needs to be used, which encodes the product data to allow UploadKit to determine whether each field should show up.

This should be placed  inside the product form in sections/featured-product.liquid. 

If that template doesn't exist, it may have another name, and if you can't find the product form, check inside a liquid  {% include ... %}

Steps to follow:

1.    Go to your Shopify Admin

2.    Navigate to Online Store

3.    Select Themes

4.    Navigate to Actions

5.    Click on Edit code

6.    Locate sections/featured-product.liquid and paste this code

<div class="uploadkit" data-uploadkit-product-json="{{ all_products[product.handle] | json | escape }}" data-uploadkit-collections-json="{{ product.collections | json | escape }}"></div>

<script src=""></script>

7. Click Save to save the changes

Make sure this code goes inside one of these tags, or it won't work:
{% form %}{% endform %}

The fields will show up in the template where you paste the code. Always check the location after adding it!

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