Shopify payment buttons and UploadKit

Unfortunately, Shopify dynamic payment buttons (sometimes called dynamic checkout buttons), like these, don't yet support apps that handle product uploads or customizations:

The problem is that clicking the button leads customers straight to checkout but ignores all of the additional product options (known as 'line item properties') that the customer has selected.

In time we expect the buttons will support Shopify's line item properties, and apps like UploadKit will be able to work with them.

In the meantime, for products with upload fields, UploadKit will automatically hide these buttons so customers don't accidentally checkout and have their file upload ignored. Products without upload fields will be unaffected.

If your upload is optional, and you want people to be able to checkout using the buttons without uploading a file, you can re-enable them by adding this line of code to your theme stylesheet:

.uploadkit-form [data-shopify=payment-button], .uploadkit-form .shopify-payment-button { display: block !important; }

Of course we're very happy to do this for you: just ask!

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