UploadKit plans

UploadKit plans are subject to generous fair usage limits. These aren't hard, automated limits—we won't suddenly disable your upload fields!—but if you consistently exceed the usage limits on a monthly basis we'll get in touch to discuss upgrading to a plan which fits your usage profile better. Upgrading will also get you access to features which will help you to manage your data more easily as your volume grows.

  • Growing plan: 10,000 uploads per month
  • Pro plan: 40,000 uploads per month

These numbers refer to the volume of files that your customers upload to your store rather than the files attached to orders in your Shopify admin.

What if my plan isn't listed here?

If you are on a custom or legacy plan not listed above, you will have specified file limits that you can find in your UploadKit dashboard -- these supersede the fair usage limits listed here.

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