Instagram app issues November 2019

UPDATE 27 November 2019: These issues are now resolved by an app update from Instagram. Please let us know if you still see any problems!

We're aware that the newly-released update for the Instagram app for Android has a bug which is preventing file uploads from phones to websites. (The iPhone app does still work if you have your UploadKit field configured to accept a single image, but not if you're accepting multiple images -- the bug in the latest Instagram version affects the iPhone app differently.)

This isn't related to UploadKit in particular -- it's affecting all websites regardless of the file upload technology they use. We've been working hard to find away round this bug, but it seems to be something that has to be fixed by Instagram itself in an app update. We've reported the issue to Instagram directly.

Note that importing from other sources in UploadKit does still work inside the Instagram app. And all file uploads are working fine on all web browsers. This only affects people opening links inside the affected versions of the Instagram app.

If your store relies heavily on Instagram marketing, there are a few things you may want to do:

- Consider reducing your Instagram ad spend on products that require file uploads until this is fixed, as this bug will affect conversion rates

- If you haven't already, think about enabling other upload sources (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Photos, Instagram) inside UploadKit. Stores not using UploadKit don't have this option.

- If you're mostly concerned about it working on iPhone and you're accepting multiple images, consider creating multiple upload fields in UploadKit assigned to the same products, each accepting a single image. Each field will have to be named differently (e.g. Uploaded image 1, Uploaded image 2 etc)

- We've put together a code snippet which will hide the 'Choose a local file' button only when viewed inside the Instagram app, which you can paste into your theme. You will need to remove this when Instagram fixes the bug. We only recommend this if you are heavily dependent on Instagram or are getting customer reports of issues. View the code snippet and instructions here.

- Report the bug to Instagram from inside the app. To do this, view your profile, click the three-lines icon in the top right, then Settings at the bottom. Help > Report a problem > Report a problem, then tell Instagram that customers can't upload files to websites opened inside the Instagram app. If you have ad spend with Instagram, it doesn't hurt to mention it!

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