The app appears to freeze on mobile and won't let me add files

If you have a Privy app installed (opt-ins, or 'spin wheel to win') you may see a problem where your store stops responding during the upload process.

What's happening here is that Privy is automatically popping up after several seconds, but underneath your file upload dialog screen. That's fine, in theory, but unfortunately Privy also blocks all input on the page, 'freezing' your store and stops the uploaded file being added to your product page.

We can't prevent Privy from causing your store to freeze, blocking all input.

But if you have a Privy opt-in popup, we can modify your theme so the popup shows above your upload dialog. Please contact our support for help with this.

If you are using the 'Spin to Win' app, this won't work well because the spin wheel button will appear over the top of our 'Add file' button. In this case we recommend that you stop your Spin to Win app appearing on your mobile product pages, as the behavior which causes your store to freeze will make file uploads on mobile unreliable.

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